In this episode of Dishin Nutrition, Shannon discusses "good" carbohydrates that can actually help you lose weight! She serves up a Winter Root Vegetable Salad with a Maple Mustard Glaze that's skinny on calories but HUGE on flavor.

Lose Weight, Save Money, Gain Health!!!

Here's how. Eat complex carbohydrates. It's really that simple. Complex carbs are whole foods that have NOT been processed or striped of important fiber or nutrients. Hence, the absorption of sugars from a complex carb is steady and slow, keeping your blood sugar level. My winter root vegetable salad is a perfect example of a healthy complex carbohydrate. Whole grains, beans, and starchy vegetables are other healthy carbs that you should eat daily.

So what's wrong with refined carbs?

Refined carbs are grain based and have been striped of the germ or bran, losing fiber, B vitamins, and iron. When consumed, the sugars are released rapidly into your blood stream, often causing excess fat storage. Over consuption of refined carbs can lead to serious health issues due to the excess glucose in the bloostream, which triggers insulin production. Repeated elevated insulin levels can cause Diabets and obesity.

Refined carbs like pizza, white bread, white pasta, boxed cereal, cookies, soda, and candy cost a lot of money! One box of Cherios is about $4.50! A 18 pack case of soda is about $6! Compare that to whole grains bought in bulk. For that $10.50 you could buy enough brown rice to feed you for a whole week straight! Refined carbs not only drain your health, but they drain your pocket book too.

Check out one of my favorite websites to read more about "good" and "bad" carbs.

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